Video Assignment

A Video about Dave Smith

This is a project I made in Drama Class, it is about Dave Smith a professional footballer who is retired.

Retired Proffessional Footballer

Dave Smith, age 35, professional footballer retired. Married to Sonya, age 32, grew up in same estate as Dave. The couple have 1 baby boy Duncan 12 months old. Dave owns a Ferrari sports car. He has a secret that Sonya doesn’t know about is that he is a gambler. Sonya wants to buy a house in the Cannaries, She got a price of the estate agent and she is very keen on buying it. Dave doesn’t want to move from Dublin as he has got a comfortable lifestyle and he has a lot of friends in Dublin. Sonya keeps on to Dave to buy the house, she says it only cost €3 million, but Dave says this will blow their life savings. Dave knows he would be probably be able to afford the €3 million if he clicked a few more of his gambling on the horses and his football bets.
But that’s not the point, he is just dead set against moving to the Cannaries because of the language and because Duncan is so young. Sonya just wont give in so they have to come up with a compromise that Dave, Sonya and Duncan will go on holiday to the Cannaries more often.
They all agree on the compromise but Sonya is wondering where the money will come from to fund the holidays when they will be staying in expensive hotels and villas in the Cannaries. Till one day a letter comes in the post addressed to Dave Smith.
Sonya opens the letter thinking it is just a bill but to her amazement and surprise it is a statement from Paddy Power Bookmakers with all the bets that Dave has placed over the last month. Sonya sees that Dave has €500,000 on credit and confronts Dave when he gets home about the statement. All Dave has to say is that at least he is in profit and leaves it at that. Sonya agrees once they can keep up with their holidays. Back to the top