Hi Everyone and welcome to my webpage!  It has been hard work learning about Web Design but I hope you like the finished product. 

©: BF - September 2009 letters Let me tell you a little about myself – I’m a computer student with GHIS and I also volunteer with a children’s computer club.  Also, I do some freelance writing and have had articles and poems published in various magazines and journals.  See crannog magazine Spring 2009a for my poem Approaching Tullamore. I’ve also had a poem published in Boyne Berries 4.  Also click here to read an extract from my book Moo-Calf

About GHIS

©: BF - September 2009 - lettersGHIS gives an excellent opportunity to get a footing in the computer world with it’s many and varied courses including web design and ECDL. 
It’s a learning curve but with the support of the staff we all get there in the end. A word of thanks must be give to Fas and Hse for the opportunity given to us.

My self-published satire

©: BF - September 2009 - letters

You might also like to ‘drop in’ and read an extract of my self-published satire The Book of the Brown Calf Moo-Calf at trafford.com. I’ve also had articles published by The Word and Ireland’s Eye and in the future, Ireland’s Own will be publishing two non-fiction and a short story of mine.

The Book of the Brown Calf Moo-Calf  Ch. VIII

Almost too late Moo-Calf found the tourist office. It was about to close but she nipped in just in time. It never occurred to her that what happened next would happen in of all places a tourist office. As she headed towards the counter where it said Accommodation a voice boomed out from behind the sign - "Hey you, who do you think you are coming into the office three minutes before closing time. You better be jolly quick about your business. I’ve no intention of staying any longer then the regular hours…..three minutes. No longer. Starting from now", said a fierce looking dog from behind the counter, all the time looking at its watch from under heavy shaggy eyebrows. Moo-Calf sighed wondering when she was going to meet nice people. "Now be quick", said the dog who was bursting from a tightly fitting uniform. W"hat kind of accommodation do you want? B & B, hotel or hostel? There is I might add a deposit required plus vat payments for any drink consumed" on the premises. This payment is required to be paid in advance here." "But all I’ll be drinking is water. I can’t afford anything else. “It doesn’t make any difference. Liquid is liquid is liquid. Pay up quickly now or shut up". A completely frazzled Moo-Calf could only reply "How do I know how much I’m going to drink? So how can I pay in advance? I mean surely there is no charge for tap water!". "A glass of water has a vat rate of 26p plus service charge of 121/2,  both payable her"e. "This is just incredible. I can’t…..." Just as Moo-Calf was about to continue the phone rang and the shaggy dog barked out a rude "What is it "into the mouth-piece. "Yes, yes nearly done. Just a silly calf to deal with…we’ll meet you round the back". An amazed Moo-Calf could only gape at the dog so astounded was she by its behaviour. "I suppose if I want something to drink I better pay", she said to herself and forked out the appropriate amount onto the counter.  With that the dog grabbed the money unceremoniously and instead of putting it into the cash register dropped the money into a sack beside him. "How strange", thought Moo-Calf to herself.

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My Poem

Curving, sinwey,
The goddess trails
The land with
Measured movement.

Earth rich with history
- the above and below
Gods claiming the
Turmelli - each
For themselves.

The light, a finger
Of creation,
Measuring the
Endless mystery
Of renewal and decay.

Forever knitted to the
Land of Meath.
© - bf  -  September 2009