Here is a little piece about myself. For example I have written a little on Apprenticeship and Leisure activities

Irish Upbringing

©AS-Oct 2009 Initials Design on colored backgroundI was born in Tipperary and went to boarding school in Kilkenny run by the Presentation Nuns.They did encourage us to do our best in all subjects. Sports was my favorite like playing comogie and tennis. I liked school so I went as far as the Intermediat. After school I went to Dublin to attend sewing classes, such as learning how to mend clothes and making buttonholes, unfortunately there was no certificate at the end of the six months training. I got a job sewing tartan skirts, blouses in a factory. For more information on tartan skirts go to tartan skirtsI didn't like this work as it was boring, no challenge. It was time for a change, I went out to Germany to work as au pair.


©AS-Oct 2009 Initials Design on transp backgroundI have several leisure activities for example: meeting up with friends and go for a meal.We like to try out different cuisine and my favourite is Japenese sushi. It is unbelievably tasty, dipping it into the sauce that is prepared for it .Also I like to meet and chat with foreign nationals, as I was influenced on a daily basis working in Munich with foreign nationals, eg: Turkey, former Yugoslavia, and many other nations. I attend handcraft classes, so for the moment I am sewing a blouse, skirt, and buttonholes. Seams are sewn by hand as it looks neat and tidy, and it's lots of fun and it inspires me to continue for my next creation.

Leisure activities

© AS-Oct 2009 Initials Design on white backgroundI also like to travel, it can be by train or bus but flying scares me a little. A favorite place I like to visit is Bremen in North Germany. For more information go to Also many other cities I have visited with great interest. In big cities like Paris, Berlin,or Madrid you will always find exhibitions of famous art gallery and museums relating to that region. Another pastime is strolling through the fleamarkets. Even having little money you can pick up really good bargains. Its fun to haggle with the sellers, and you can spend many hours there, and there are tasty food stalls to still your hunger.When traveling I like to take an exciting book with me.

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