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Hi my name is Perry I am a spray-painter my hobbies are,motorbikes. Skiing. Sport.First I am going to tell you about a great skiing holiday I had a few years ago.

Skiing Holiday©PK_green

I like skiing. A great winter holiday traveling is a skiing trip, my best one was a 6-day skipass in Pejo,the skiing centre in the middle of the famous Cevedave group in the town of Pejo in Italy which is in the middle of the Stelvio National Park. Pejo is the highest community in Trentino, the oldest tourist resort in Val Di Sole. This winter sport centre is especially suitable for familes with children and people who want to enjoy the long ski slopes. The local habitant's were very friendly too, it was a fantastic holiday.



I love motorbikes, since I was a boy and had a good few over the years. My current one is a 08 Suzuki gsxr 1000 it has a good few extras like tinted-screen, r-ng undertray, tailormade exhaust. I just fitted a new rear back tyre. The last rally i went to was in Liscannor, Co.Clare in the summer. It was a huge rally as anyone who wanted could turn up as it was a charity event. There were several clubs involved and also a live rock band with a biker DJ. It was great craic!


Sport and Me

I love sport, well I am still waiting for the Jack-Charlton years to return but am hoping that we get into the next World Cup. As for rugby I think that we have quite a good team but was disapointed when we lost to Austrailia in june 2010 by 15-22. I am hopefull for a good season from the Irish rugby team. I like football and rugby I think that it is really a good pastime and great for young people to get involved in.

© PK 13/10/2010