Twilight Thrill


Hello and welcome to my webpage. I am AJ the DJ and I would like to present to you a summarized version of me in 3 parts: (a)who I am,(b), my leisure time & (c) my heroes. See what lies ahead and enjoy reading about . . . AJ the DJ

AJ Revealed

 © Alex Jaffar - July 2009 - Aj letters on backgroundI was born through a pattern of sounds so my age is unknown. I always wanted to be famous for something but I could never make out who I wanted to be. Instead, I turned out to be a mixture of images throughout each genre. I was raised into a society of entertaining sounds and live in the hearts of anyone who engages with a song. My mission is to blend sounds into junction. I am adaptable to change and emotionally creative. I live a structured life. Presentation is my strength. I like to be an inspiration and be leader of a crowd. Being open is important to me as music fills the air in life. My enthusiasm has an ego for everybody to suit their needs as I’m very much a people’s person.

When the timing is right, I

© Alex Jaffar - July 2009 - Aj letters on backgroundI like to travel the world, have a good time, party, dance, participate in a lively atmosphere and entertain others. I enjoy movies as I settle in to become an instrument and fill in on its mood. I write poetry underneath an orchard tree on a sunny day as a piano ballad plays in my ears while birds chirp in the sky and trees. I walk the beach when the weather is just fine as my harp plays in along with the crashing waves in the distance. I have a fascination of landscapes. I am spiritual and meditate. I have my own philosophy .


© Alex Jaffar - July 2009 - Aj letters on backgroundI idolize cartoon animators. God is a hero that passed through me. Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Bruce Lee and Sir Alfred Hitchcock are an inspiration. They were genius at what they did. Technology is its own reward that has been a major impact among most fellow mortals and I. Dreams have been an influence to me and so has the real world.

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