Personal Webpage


As part of my Wepage design Course I have been asked to design a Personal Webpage. This covers all my skills up to now on doing the course. I am happy to write a personal webpage. The contents of this webpage include: A bit about myself, My interests and Travel.

A bit about myself

© DW 2009 - Red initials on light red backgroundHello, My name is D.W.. I was born in December 1977. I am in the middle of my family of one brother and five sisters. I come from the Naul, Co. Dublin. I lived in a big farmhouse in the countryside. It has a beautiful scenery surrounded by fields and you can see the sea and houses. My dad is a farmer so when I was growing up I used to watch the farmers pick potatoes and harvest the corn and barley during the summer. I used to go on picnics up the bales and rocks and look at the cattle.
I am dual sensory which means I am registered Deaf and Blind. I also have balance difficulties. I contracted a virus at eleven months old and this caused my disability. I was the worst affected out of several others who also contracted the same virus. I went to Playschool and to the local Primary School in Stamullen where I made good friends with the neighbours. I went to St. Mary's School for the Blind in Merrion and did my Leaving Cert there. I then went to the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford, England for two years and did Art, Dance and Psychology. Then I went to UWIC in Cardiff, Wales for two years and did the first year of Fine Art and Health abd Social Care.
I now live in Pearse Street, Dublin. I am on the ground floor of a block of apartments. My apartment is a one roomed with a kitchen and bathroom. Its small but I hope to get a bigger apartment in the future. I am very Independent and have a lot of freedom around the city. I am currently attending a FAS Centre in Thomas Street and have completed the E.C.D.L course and the Communications course. I am now studying Webpage Design which is a FETAC Level 5 course C20148.

My Interests

© DW 2009 - Red initials on transparent backgroundI like to use my laptop. I like to go walking, I go with the Blind/Visually impaired walking group on Tuesday evenings and one Saturday once a month. I like reading and watching DVD's. I love going for a massage and go once a month. I like meeting up with my friends and we go to art galleries, cinema and to the pubs. I enjoy my cup of coffee and fag.


© DW 2009 - red initials on white backgroundI have been to France, Holland and the Aran Islands on School Trips. I went to New York IN 2000 and worked on a summer camp called Camp America. I worked as an art assistant for children with disabilities and absolutely loved it. It was great meeting people from all over the world. It was great fun altogether. I have been to sydney twice and absolutely loved it there. My sister and brother live in Sydeny. It is a beautiful place to be and there is always a different beach to go and see. The sun and sea are the most wonderful things there.