Port Folio of DF

Links to the student's Projects completed during the course. Click on pictures to view the webpage/website.
Screen capture of Projects Students Comments Additional Info
printscreen and hyperlink to project one of DF._2008 A little about myself is assignment 10 and it describes where i am from, where i went to school, what hobbies i have and my two favourite websites.  
printscreen and hyperlink to project two of DF._2008 A video about Dave Smith is a assignment i did in Drama class. It is about a professional footballer who is married to Sonya and have a baby boy. Dave is a gambler and Sonya wants to buy a house in the Cannaries.


printscreen and hyperlink to project three of DF.2008 L'avenue is a website i created for a hairdresser in Blanchardstown and it was commissioned by R.Perez.  
project4_DF2009 The Tudors. I did some acting as a extra for The Tudors so i used it as a project for assignment 18. I wrote a piece about Henry Cavill, Natalie Dormer and Johnathan Rhys Meyers.