The Internet class is an interesting and challenging class with regular assessments.

Trainee at GHIS Training Centre


EVE HSE GHIS Training Centre provides comprehensive computer training and general education to people with disabilities, illnesses and long-term illnesses.


Bru Chaoimhin, Cork Street, Dublin 8


regular photo All students may go to a weekly gym training session. Indoor soccer can be played by a student.

Other gym activities, such as a tough session on the treadmill, can be undertaken by a student. The Gym students may attend is St. Catherine's Sports centre, Marrowbone Lane. Marrowbone Lane is located near Thomas Street. Try clinking on the link to St. Catherines Sports centre here: St. Catherines Gym.

Gym Photo Gallery

regular photo Score a Goal!!

regular photo St Catherine's.

regular photo Great Exercise.

regular photo The Best Equipment.

regular photo Try the Weights.

regular photo Walking Machine.