Assignment 10

A little about myself

© Copyright DF 2008- Blue letters on transparent backgroundMy name is Dermot F. I was born in Athlone hospital in Co. Westmeath on Jan 25th 1972.I also did my schooling in Athlone where i grew up. I went to the Marist Brothers National and Secondary schools where i did very well at sport, especially GAA football where i was a good player where i played in midfield. After Secondary school at age of 18 i did a FAS course in Machine Tool Operating for 2 years. I then travelled to England where i worked on the buildings as a Labourer in Kilburn North London for 3 years. I have also lived in Galway in Salthill for 2 years. I moved to Dublin in 1997 where i live to this day in James Street.

Interests and Hobbies

© copyright DF 2008-Blue initials on white backgroundI have a Nissan Micra car which i enjoy driving after work and at weekends I am interested in Web Design which i am currently studying in E.V.E. LTD GHIS training centre in Emmett House.I made a video in web design class which can be seen by clicking on the link. I also enjoy cycling and swimming when on every Tuesday evening i cycle seven miles to Stillorgan where i then go swimming for an hours session in Glenabyan swimming club.

Favourite Websites

© Copyright DF 2008 - Blue initials on yellow backgroundI have two favourite websites that i am interested in. They are 1. GAA because i am a great fan of the GAA from where i learned to play football and hurling as a school kid. It is a great website for getting all the fixtures and results of games. Another of my favourite websites is 2. RTE because if i miss one of my favourite TV shows i can rewatch it on the internet. It is also a great website for getting all the sports and news results.
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