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CompTIA A+

Hands Fixing a Computer


This module is designed to provide a learner with knowledge and competence in core hardware and operating system technologies. The learner will gain a broad knowledge of core hardware and operating system technologies including installation, configuration, diagnosing, preventative maintenance and basic networking. Click on the link to the CompTIA A+ site here.


On completion of this module the learner will have received training in order to assist him or her to understand, work on and maintain the following:

  1. PC hardware support - Operating Systems.
  2. Electricity and Power systems.
  3. CPUs and Motherboards.
  4. Basic Input/Output Systems. Memory Systems. Bus Structures.
  5. Expansion cards.
  6. Data Storage Devices- hardware drives, optical drives, removable drives.
  7. Video and Multimedia devices.
  8. Printers - inkjet, lasers, other types.
  9. Portable computers - notebook and handheld.
  10. Monitoring and Management.
  11. Connecting computers - wired, wireless and network architectures.
  12. Networking - addressing, internet connections, installations and trouble shooting.
  13. Security - operating system, security hardware, human aspects.
  14. Safety and hazards.
  15. Troubleshooting and maintaining a PC.
  16. Windows installation and upgrades.