About the videos

The top video was taken early morning where I take the bus to my webdesign course. Opposite Trinity College we see this magnificant building which was formerly the Irish House of Parliament. It is built of Portland stone. The genius who designed this architecture is unknown.The Interior is quite beautiful and well worth visiting. The second video is a walk in Stephens Green where the ducks, swans enjoy their daily swim and there always on the look out for visitors who throw them breadcrumbs.


I have chosen the topic Karneval for the Audio. Karneval is celebrated in different parts of Germany, like Cologne, Dusseldorf, and in Munich they call it Fashing. Its taken very seriously, where you choose a theme and you dress up in a costume which is sewen up by there Karneval Clubs. The highlights are the last weekend before Lent In full halls with music and dance not forgetting jokes are especially popular about politics. Children are really excited when sweets are thrown to them from the parade trucks.