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A few words about this photogallery

These photos were taken in the Dublin Liberties. The celtic tiger was photographed at the corner of Thomas and Bridgefoot streets. He said he's quietly back on the prowl after the recession.

cars parked in the backyard of EVE Holdings © 2009 MK

A near dead plant  © 2009 MK

Putting the best foot forward © 2009 MK

The Brewery Hostel on Thomas Street © 2009 MK

An overgrown parking lot and some shops on Bridgefoot Street © 2009 MK

A well known building on Thomas Street © 2009 MK

The shops Shoestown and Busy Bees on Bridgefoot Street © 2009 MK

cars parked in a yard in Dublin's Liberties © 2009 MK

GF Handels bar on Thomas Street, Dublin © 2009 MK