Project One


Wecome to my website that is all about me. Doing this project has given me the chance to mess around with colour schemes and since it is my first web site project I can’t control the excitement. This website falls under three paragraphs. The first paragraph’s heading is me, I and myself. It is just a short physical description of me and a funny fact. The second paragraph is a description of where I am located and the last one is all about my hobbies.

Me‚ Myself and I

This is my initials in colorI’ve been on the earth for twenty six year's now and counting. I’m about five foot nine with brown hair and a slim build. I was born on the forth of March but celebrated my birthday on the 14th by mistake until my birth certificate was found at the age of 13 to prove when I was born. Since then I have been celebrating my birthday twice a year. Any excuse to have a party. After secondary school I went to study computing in IT Carlow then I moved to Edinburgh in Scotland. I was suppose to stay only three months but stayed there for about three years. I was blown away by this city, it is quite a beautiful city. It was some experience living there, I met many great people there from all over the world.


This is my initials with the transpentI live in Celbridge in Co. Kildare, I have lived there for most of my life. I find Celbridge a good place to live. Not too far from Dublin City and not too close. Also it has the gorgeous Castletown House and its garden which are grass filled fields with the river Liffey waters languidly moving on its journey. Castletown house was built by William Connolly, Speaker of the Irish Parliament, in 1722. The one thing that annoys me about Celbridge is that some people in Celbridge although they have lived in Celbridge all their lives put on a Dublin accent. Some say the first Guinness was produced in Celbridge and then there is the story about the devil visiting Celbridge at Castletown House. The story starts with Thomas Connolly son of William Connolly was out fox hunting one stormy November. Most of the hunters gave in and went home. Connolly noticed a newcomer he was dressed in black and was riding a black horse. Connolly saw him riding over a hill and William gave chase only to find the stranger had killed the fox and had ripped the fox’s tail from its body. The dark rider insisted that William should take the tail and if he did not accept it then he should invite him for a warm drink back in his house. William being a gentleman invited the stranger back. Once everyone was back they all decided to play poker. During the game the stranger fell asleep. A player dropped a card when he bent under the table to pick it up, he was shocked to find that the stranger had a black hairy hoof for a foot. They called for a priest. The priest scared out of his wits threw the bible at him, he missed and the bible smashed a mirror above the fireplace instead. The Devil at the threat of being touched by the holy book leapt high in the air and vanished, leaving a crack in the stone hearth fireplace and up to this day if the stone fireplace is changed it cracks for no apparent reason.


initials in white back ground My hobbies vary over the years. When I was young I liked collecting old coins and still have the collection somewhere. I also liked playing video games but I have to say, I have grown out of that. The first main sport I tried was relay running then I moved onto kickboxing and now I have evolved to Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. I am enjoying these very much, the way of training is totally new to me and I find the Tai Chi and Qi Gong very relaxing and these exercises seem to pick me up, they put me into a good mood. That’s the physical side done with. I love to read and do read anything and I surf the web also now and again I also draw portraits.

This website has information on a kickboxing Club in Kildare. This is the website for the Tai Chi club that I attend. There is also a video showing you the 8 movements Tai Chi.

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